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Delivery Temperature Recorder Tracking Deliveries Within Programble Limits

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The DTR (Delivery Temperature Recorder), designed for use in the food industry with HACCP and health and safety procedures in mind. This unit is also a useful aid in the food industry where regular checks are required for fridges and freezers, providing a printed record of each temperature measurement.

The print functions can be operated from the keypad on the DTR or via a button on the thermistor probe to provide hard copy evidence of whether a delivery can be accepted or rejected against programmable temperature limits.

The DTR printing features low battery indication. Programmable temperatures can be set i.e. chilled, ambient and frozen food temperatures by the user via the compatible software provided with the unit. The software also allows the user to personalise the printed ticket with a company name, address and logo.  housed in a robust ABS case and an easy to use Lumberg screw-locking type connector, allowing a wide range of interchangeable probes to be used. Each DTR is supplied with a battery charger, two rolls of paper, a wall-mounting boot and software, all supplied in an carrying case. For an extensive range of probes write to us a


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