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PH Meter Accessories

pH Meter Accessories Guide

We keep in stock a large range of pH meter accessories, all available to buy online.

Accessories that will enhance your pH meter range from pH probes, buffer solutions and capsules to meter cases and holders.

pH Probes – our probe range for pH meters consists of:

Budget pH Electrodes – suitable for pH measurement of liquids and semi-solids
Spear-Shaped pH Electrodes – suitable for semi-solid and soft materials
Knife Probe pH Electrodes – ideal for insertion into meat, cheese or similar food processing and agricultural sector products

There are also replacement thermistor penetration temperature probes available for the 8100 pH & temperature meter and the 8100 Plus pH kit

pH Buffer Solutions & Capsules
These are used to check that your pH meter is accurately calibrated and enable swift, easy and regular checks to be made. Both solutions and capsules are available in a number of different values to suit your preferred requirements. Solutions are available for 4.01pH, 7.00pH and 10.01pH and capsules for 4.00, 7.00, 9.00 and 10.0 pH

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  • General Purpose pH electrode

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    General purpose pH electrode.

    • ideal for pH measurement of liquids and semi-solids
    • ideal for food processing, agricultural and laboratory applications
    • Ø12 x 120mm
    • temperature operating range 0 to 100°C