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Grill Thermometer Stainless Steel 65 mm Ø

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  • Grill Top Thermometer
  • 65 mm Dial Made From Stainless Steel
  • Accurately Measures form 50°C ~ 300°C & 100°F~600°F
  • Ideal For Grilling, Smoking temperatures  

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Now you can prepare perfect grilled chicken meat or sandwiches at home using the ServeSafe Grill Thermometer

This thermometer is easy to read and lets you know when the grill is the perfect temperature depending on the food you are cooking.

This thermometer boasts of its stainless steel construction and Measures Temperature from 50°C ~ 300°C of 100°F ~ 600°F with a resolution 10°  The Grill thermometer Stainless steel construction Withstands the heat and grime of the grill


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