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Chlorine Test Strips Vial of 100 Strips to check Strength of Sanitizer Solution

(2 customer reviews)

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Chlorine test strips Vial of 100

  • Pocket-sized, lightweight vial
  • Color chart protected in vial
  • Semi-customizable label
  • Bulk quantities available
  • Also available in books
  • 100 test strips per Vial

Accurate and Convenient Chlorine Test Strips for Measuring Sanitizing Solution Strength

When it comes to maintaining a clean and safe environment, accurate measurement of sanitizing solution strength is crucial. Our chlorine test strips provide a reliable and convenient way to ensure that your sanitizing solution is at the optimal level for effective disinfection.

Designed for ease of use, our chlorine test strips are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Simply dip a test strip into the sanitizing solution and compare the color change against the provided color chart. The color chart indicates the chlorine concentration in parts per million (ppm), allowing you to quickly and easily assess the strength of your sanitizing solution.

With our chlorine test strips, you can have confidence in the accuracy of your measurements. Each strip is formulated with high-quality reagents that deliver consistent and precise results. Whether you are testing a swimming pool, spa, food preparation area, or any other environment requiring sanitization, our test strips will provide you with the information you need to maintain optimal cleanliness.

In addition to their accuracy, our chlorine test strips offer convenience. The compact and portable design allows you to carry them with you wherever you go, ensuring that you always have a reliable method for testing sanitizing solution strength. Whether you are a professional cleaner, a facility manager, or a homeowner, our test strips are an essential tool for maintaining a hygienic environment.

Invest in our chlorine test strips and take the guesswork out of measuring sanitizing solution strength. With their accuracy, convenience, and reliability, you can trust our test strips to help you maintain a clean and safe environment.

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2 reviews for Chlorine Test Strips Vial of 100 Strips to check Strength of Sanitizer Solution

  1. Bobina Hirjee (verified owner)

    Good product. Gives accurate reading. Easy to carry. Reasonable price too.

  2. azim.jhs (verified owner)

    Easy to use.

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