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Oven Probe with Clip for Frying and Oven

4,400.005,250.00 Exc. GST

oven probe & clip for Type K Thermocouple

oven probe & clip for ThermaQ, ThermaQ Blue and BlueTherm One

  • ideal for monitoring ambient air temperature in ovens
  • easily attaches to oven rack or shelf
  • 2 meter stainless braided lead
  • temperature range -50 to 350 °C
  • accuracy ±0.5°C, 0°C to 100°C

Oven temperature probe, ideal for monitoring ambient air temperatures in ovens, grills and high temperature environments. Using the clip, simply attach the probe to an oven rack or shelf.

Supplied with a two metre stainless steel braided lead. Probe dimensions ø3.5 x 50mm

Response time less than four seconds. Probe temperature range -50 to 350 °C.

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