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PTFE Wire Probe for Fast Air/ liquid Temperature measurement

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PTFE wire temperature probe.

  • response time less than one second
  • suitable for fridges, freezers, ovens, concrete etc.
  • temperature range -75 to 250°C
  • accuracy (type K) ±0.5°C, 0°C to 100°C
  • accuracy (type T)  ±0.2 °C, -20 °C to 70 °C
  • Ø1.5 x 1000mm / 2000mm

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PTFE Fridge, Freezer, or Oven Temperature Probe – This PTFE insulated exposed junction wire thermocouple temperature probe is suitable for measuring the air temperature in fridges, freezers and ovens. Other suitable uses include measuring concrete temperature. It will fit a wide range of ETI thermometers.

Response time less than one second. Temperature range -75 to 250°C. Maximum probe temperature 250°C. Probe is available in 1000mm or 2000mm versions, dimensions are Ø1.5 x 1000mm / 2000mm.

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