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ThermaGuard Thermometers for high accuracy fridge temperature monitoring

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ThermaGuard® Thermometers for high accuracy fridge temperature monitoring

  • two models available – single or dual external sensors
  • meets the European Standard EN 13485
  • 2 point (-18, 0°C) UKAS Calibration Certificates available
  • programmable high & low audible alarms
  • records the max/min temperature
  • UKAS options unavailable for next day delivery as certificated at time of order

Introducing Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers

Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers are highly accurate temperature monitoring devices designed for use in refrigerators or freezers. With their large LCD display and advanced features, these thermometers provide users with precise temperature readings and convenient monitoring options.

High Accuracy and Large LCD Display

One of the standout features of Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers is their high accuracy. These thermometers can measure temperatures ranging from -39.9 to 49.9 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C. The accuracy of ±0.4 °C ensures that you can rely on the readings provided by these thermometers.

The large LCD display of the Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers allows for easy reading of the current temperature as well as the maximum and minimum recorded temperatures. This simultaneous display gives you a comprehensive overview of temperature fluctuations over time.

Programmable Audible Alarms and Silencing Option

To help you maintain optimal temperature conditions, the Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers come equipped with programmable audible alarms. You can set high and low temperature limits, and when these limits are exceeded, the alarm will be triggered. The LCD display will flash to alert you to the temperature deviation.

If you need to silence the alarm temporarily, simply press any button on the thermometer. This feature ensures that you can address the temperature issue without the constant interruption of the alarm.

Splashproof and Bacteria-Resistant Design

The Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers are housed in a splashproof IP54 ABS case. This design feature protects the thermometer from water splashes and ensures its durability in various environments.

Additionally, the Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers incorporate the “Biomaster” additive in their ABS case. This additive helps reduce bacterial growth, making these thermometers ideal for monitoring chilled and frozen foods. With Thermaguard, you can have peace of mind knowing that your thermometer is contributing to a hygienic environment.

Optional UKAS Certificate of Calibration

For those who require the highest level of accuracy and traceability, an optional two-point (-18, 0 °C) UKAS certificate of calibration is available for the Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers. This certificate indicates the deviations from standards at -18 and 0 °C, providing you with confidence in the accuracy of your thermometer.

Please note that the UKAS certificate applies to remote probes only.

Two Models Available

The Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers are available in two models: Thermaguard 101 and Thermaguard 102.

The Thermaguard 101 incorporates two temperature sensors. It includes a remote water-resistant probe with a one-meter PVC lead for monitoring the appliance temperature, as well as an internal sensor for the room temperature.

The Thermaguard 102, on the other hand, features two remote water-resistant probes, each with a one-meter PVC lead. This model is designed for monitoring two appliances simultaneously.

Both models come with a small ABS plastic mounting bracket that allows you to easily mount the remote probes onto the internal wall of the fridge.

Calcheck Function for Verification of Accuracy

To ensure ongoing accuracy, both models of the Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers feature a Calcheck 0.0 °C (±0.1 °C) function. This function allows you to verify the accuracy of the thermometer at any time, providing you with confidence in the reliability of your temperature measurements.

With Thermaguard Fridge Thermometers, you can trust that your temperature monitoring needs are met with precision, convenience, and reliability. Whether you are monitoring a refrigerator or freezer, these thermometers offer the features and accuracy you need to maintain optimal temperature conditions for your stored items.


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