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Thermal Disinfection Indicator / Dishwasher Safe Temperature Lables

745.00 Exc. GST

  • Adhesive Backed
  • Attach to Tray/ Carrier
  • Remove and Retain as permenant Record of temperatuer attained
    Proof for HACCP Compliance Documentation
  • Accuracy of +/- 1C of rated Temperature
  • Triple Level Indicator
  • Pack of 10 Labels

10 in stock (can be backordered)

Dishwasher check labels are used for evidence of due dilligence with public health and safety. These indicators change colour to demonstrate particular temperature points have been reached. This ensures the dishwasher is doing its job and delivering temperatures hot enough for thermal disinfection as quite often the sensors on dishwashers are not always accurate and are not able to indicate if the items being washed are actually getting hot enough.

Usage is simple, apply the label to a glass or plate and run through the dishwasher as per normal. Whilst the dishes are still warm, the label will be easy to peel off and can then be attached to a log which can be kept and provided to an environmental health officer should they inspect your premesis. The temperature required depends on the duration of the dishwasher cycle, a shorter cycle requires a hotter temperature.
temperature indicating

65°C, 71°C & 82°C

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