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MicroCal 1 Temperature Thermocouple Simulator

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MicroCal 1 thermocouple simulator.

  • 12 adjustable temperature points
  • allows frequent checking of thermometer accuracies
  • tests thermocouple type K, J, T, R, N, S & E thermometers
  • 5-point UKAS Calibration Certificate include.

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The MicroCal 1 thermocouple simulator helps ensure that the frequent checking of thermometer accuracies is a routine operation. The calibrator is designed to simulate a chosen temperature to test thermocouple type K, J, T, R, N, S and E thermometers without the need for specialised equipment or conversion tables.

The MicroCal 1 Plus calibrator also measures and simulates temperature.The MicroCal 1 features a custom 10mm LCD display with alpha-numeric display line to prompt the user when changing parameters. Selectable parameters include: °C/°F, auto power off – enable/disable, CJC – internal/external and display contrast adjustment.An optional lead set is also available, that comprises of seven leads, one for each thermocouple type K, J, T, R, N, S and E. Each PVC lead is one metre long and incorporates two miniature thermocouple plugsEach MicroCal is supplied with a one metre PVC type K thermocouple lead with miniature connectors and a five point (type K) UKAS Certificate of Calibration which indicates deviations from standards at the various points.

Thermocouple type K – range -200 to 1372°C
Thermocouple type J – range -200 to 1200°C
Thermocouple type T – range -270 to 400°C
Thermocouple type R – range 0 to 1768°C
Thermocouple type N – range -200 to 1300°C
Thermocouple type S – range 0 to 768°C
Thermocouple type E – range -140 to 10


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